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    Sculpture by Beth Stichter  ‘The Four Humors’

    Sanguine :  Too much blood - Passionate, Bold,impulsive
    Melancholic :Too much black bile - Depressed, anxious, moody Choleric : Too much yellow bile - Irritable, hostile, bitter
    Phlegmatic : Too much phlegm - Passive, introverted, rational

      The Four Humors is a body of work spanning 2009-2010 which examines the history of scientifically categorizing human behavior, specifically the particular theory of understanding  human psychology invented by the Ancient Greeks.
    “Essentially, this theory held that the human body was filled with four basic substances, called four humors, which are in balance when a person is healthy. All diseases and disabilities resulted from an excess or deficit of one of these four humors. The four humors were identified as black bile, yellow bile, phlegm, and blood.
    When a patient was suffering from a surplus or imbalance of one fluid, then his or her personality and physical health would be affected.”

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    these must be 2 of my faves photos of her ever, the “quality” doesn’t even exists is terrible, but anyway

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Glendale - 2014


    Glendale - 2014

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Abandoned townhouse, Lisbon, Portugal


    Abandoned townhouse, Lisbon, Portugal